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Munch Rock

Munch Rock

Friends –

We had a goal that day. It required a full-day's effort with an early morning start in order to reach the spot high on the mesa that we were seeking. In fact, a bit extra time was needed because none of us were sure where exactly this exotic petroglyph could be found. We already had resigned ourselves to a long day's hike – some of it rather rugged – with the possibility of not finding what we were looking for.

Well, to make a long story short, we did find it. The sight of this ancient rock art beauty did make our hearts soar. Yet, the fact remains that the 8-hour round trek had plenty of other views to celebrate. This painting represents one of them.

It is my friend Lydia's fault that I call this 'Munch Rock'. As she observed the shape of the wall in front of us, she noted that the hoodoo at the end of that tall and slender wall appeared to be about to take a bite out of the enormous 'sandwich' next to it. And since it was already high noon by that time, the name suited my mood perfectly.

'Munch Rock' is available for your donation to a worthwhile nonprofit.

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