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Mountain Goat

Mountain Goat

Friends –

Unusual times call for unusual actions. Please shelter at home as much as possible and remember that even if you feel fine, you can still be a virus carrier. Most people feel the need to get out of the house and into fresh air, but there are ways to do this without jeopardizing your health and that of others.

 The answer is not to vacation to some popular beach or national park and crowd onto trails and picnic areas. Those that do this must be oblivious to the nature of pathogens and who they might be hurting by doing this very thing. 

 There are ways to get out even if you live in a city. Seek out streets, parks and other routes that are seldom taken and energize your muscles, lungs and heart. Some (like me) are blessed in that we live in close proximity to open spaces that are enormous, beautiful and inspiring.  Because these spaces are publicly owned, they remain accessible to anyone.

 My next door neighbor and I pay tribute to public lands a couple times a week.  If we need to drive a few miles, we take separate cars to the trail heads and always maintain a safe distance from each other. It is rare that we encounter another human being, but will move away from the trail if we do and let them pass. I call Mary a "Mountain Goat" because she is little and light and can scale a rocky trail as quickly as if she had four legs and hooves. 

 Try to get out and enjoy spaces that perhaps you never have.  But be safe.  It will help keep you sane.

"Mountain Goat" is a 9x12" pastel on sanded paper and is available for a donation to a worthwhile non-profit…. Perhaps public lands or public health oriented would be fitting.

  margie lopez read