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Moab Red Rock Art Festival - Oct. 2017

     Cottonwood Arch      Thar She Glows      Stan's Rig
       Below Tuk    Don't Jump    
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Friends –

Here is my report on activities during last week's newly minted Moab Red Rock Art Festival (RRAF). As a volunteer, I spent loads of that time helping others paint at our 'Plein Air 4 U' events which invited people of all ages to try their hands at painting outdoors. With help from Mary, Shirley and Steve (not to mention Bob) we pulled off painting adventures for about 60 eager artists. I do have some cool photos of those happy faces, if you are interested.

I did manage to squeeze in 5 paintings myself and 3 of them sold which will result in donations to Moab Multicultural Center and BEACON After School Program (based on the requests of the purchasers). The are:

1. "Cottonwood Arch", painted at Rocky Rapids, has been the most controversial of paintings. People either enjoy it or hate it and both RRAF judges gave me very opposing evaluations, so I'm calling it a revolution. I did also touch it up after the fact in the studio, just because.

2. "Thar She Glows" was painted in the 2+ hours that we had at the Red Cliffs Winery paintout, as the sun went down. This little 8x10 now lives in Castle Valley.

3. "Stan's Rig" was painted one morning at the Holland Ranch, which has always been one of my favorite places to paint. I get the best vibes out there. This one now lives with Stan and Page.

4. "Below Tuk" has been retouched, and I remain unsatisfied with it. I painted this one from a hill along Pack Creek Road. It's messy. Will receive more work.

5. "Do Not Jump" was painted at Dead Horse Point State Park during the one day quick draw on the last day of the RRAF event. It was a smokey, hazy day up there, but it did provide some neat atmosphere for artists. This one now lives happily in a Moab home.

So, now you know what I have been up to. I am looking forward to a little slower pace these next several weeks.

Be well,

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