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Mill Creek On Ice - Oil

Mill Creek On Ice - Oi Versionl

Friends -

If this painting looks familiar to you, then I have been a bit successful. This is the second version of Mill Creek on Ice that I have completed this month. What I have found, is that it can be a bit challenging to reconstruct in oils a scene that was previously painted in pastel.

I elected to do this because the pastel version of 'Mill Creek on Ice' turned out to be very well received, and one friend requested that I paint it again for her. With her permission, however, I elected to try it in a different media just to switch it up a bit for myself. It was a bit of a learning experience, indeed.

I will say that it is pretty hard to go very wrong when one is working from an original photograph such as the one that Noel Outtrim allowed me to use - no matter what the media. And gratefully, the completion of this oil version of Mill Creek on Ice amounts to the second donation to a scholarship fund that has been generated because of Noel's generosity.

However, I think I am done with Mill Creek for a time now, please. But I can probably have my friend Jim Ginney produce some very good quality prints, if somebody still desires one. He does marvelous reproductions onto canvas or water color paper. And you could choose between this, or the one I finished in pastel.

Or, you could select neither and just enjoy these emails.because I sure enjoy sharing them with you.

Be Well,

margie lopez read