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Mi Rancho

Mi Rancho

Dear Friends and Family –

I want to share with you this place that is so special. The painting entitled 'Mi Rancho' really is not mine. The land used to belong to the Catholic Church and it is now a Santa Clara County Park and a Mid-Peninsula Open Space Preserve. But because I have been going there regularly for a few decades now I feel as though it belongs to me.

Rancho has become MUCH more well-known and popular, such that the short walk from the parking area to this barn has lots of visitors. What used to be a sparsely-visited recreation area, now is very busy. This is less true for the trails beyond the barn because it takes more work. Those that make it are usually engaged in pumping out a training run, as I once used to do so often.

In addition to running, I've used Rancho as a place to heal the mind from weighty matters. I've used it as a pleasure place to take my family. I've been there with my parents, my siblings, my Bob, my kids, grandkids, and many more times just by myself. Most frequently it has been just me….and the local residents of the animal kind.

I regret that I can no longer run fast, as those that zoom by me can do. But, I also know that by rushing through so very fast, they are missing an awful lot. They probably don't notice the bobcats, fire-bellied salamanders, quail families and bunnies. And good chance their pounding feet and heavy breathing do not let them hear the call of the owls, hawks, or the gobble-challenges from male turkeys.

Those I listed are but a few of local Rancho San Antonio residents that are worth noticing. Take your time, if you go. Keep track of all the creatures you encounter and let me know what you find.

'Mi Rancho' is 14x18" oil on canvas and will be available (as soon as it dries) for a donation to a meaningful non-profit.

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