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Manauwilli Falls

Manauwilli Falls

This is a new painting that I actually finished last weekend, but have not had a chance to photo until now. The photo is real, but the frame on this picture is one of those phony computer frames - kind of funky. Soon the oil painting will have it's own real wooden frame. But I could not wait any longer to show this to you.

Manauwilli Falls is a lovely little waterfall on the islands of Oahu, Hawaii. I took a photo of this waterfall last year, when Bob and I went to Oahu to accompany my daughter Rosa on her first marathon (which she finished, by the way). We did a lot of things out there besides the marathon - sea kayaking, hiking, eating well (of course). This painting and our current cold January weather, makes me want to go back again... perhaps the Maui marathon in September???

Margie Lopez Read