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Life on the Edge

Life on the Edge

Friends –

A sense of connection to physical locations happens to us all. Often these bonds are with places we were born, a hometown where we grew up, somewhere we went to school, or a family vacation spot. I have all of those types of connections and I feel them deeply. But the type of bond that I have with the high country surrounding Boulder, Utah, is singularly different than the rest. It is almost as if the connection was made at some point in the past – well beyond the 65 years that account for my life. There is something that unites me with this area that has nothing to do with anything I have done. I may never understand why this is so.

"Life on the Edge" is but one of the paintings that I wish to paint to share this extraordinary area that I am connected to in ways I cannot explain. This brave tree feels to be a distant relative. At the very least, I might venture to use her to metaphorically represent my own life.

She stands just a few feet from the Hell's Backbone Bridge and at 9,000' enjoys incomparable views and glorious solitude. But what a price to pay for those views as she must endure high winds, merciless temperature extremes, and reliance strictly on rainfall to quench her thirst. Being at the top of a watershed divide must mean that water does not stick around. It goes down one side or the other.

I would like to be able to ask her if it is worth it. But her silent strength tells me that it is.

"Life on the Edge" is available as a thank you for a donation to a worthwhile non-profit. I would like to suggest Southern Utah Wilderness Alliance, but we can discuss if you have ideas…