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Lady of the Night

Lady of the Night

OK, I am working double-time in preparation for the September Studio Tour. But I have two reasons to think about the topic of this gourd.

#1 is that tomorrow I am headed to Eugene to spend a week with my grandson Benjamin. Why does that make me think of elephants, you ask? Well, the answer is because when he was born I painted a mural about the 'Los Elefantes' counting song for his wall. Also my daughter had a wonderful elephant pinata made for his one-year birthday just one month ago.

#2 is that today's climate is hot and very humid today for some unknown reason. Any self-respecting elephant, with their thick and wrinkly hide, would thoroughly enjoy coating themselves in mud if it were available -- as is the mudder on this gourd. She is dipping in, front-side first, with her behind up in the air. I am told that this mud treatment not only keeps away the pests, but also keeps indulging elephants a few degrees cooler as well. Hmmmmm. Ever try it? If you had a pelt like an elephant's, you just might.

Hope to see you all at the Studio Tour.

Margie Lopez Read