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Kissing Cousins

Kissing Cousins

Friends -
There is a jeep trail known as the Moab Rim. It is well-used by off-road aficionados who come with their loud, noisy, and often destructive toys. But it is good to give them a place to do their thing, and I won't argue with that..especially if they stay in those jeep-specific places. I will say though that it is so wonderful to be able to hike up just a little bit higher and farther and come to this peaceful place which overlooks Spanish Valley. It seems even these rock-bound lovers have chosen to make Upper Hidden Valley their home.

I have looked and looked and cannot spot Kissing Cousins from down below. But once you do the steep climb to get to that spot, you can't miss them. They stand by themselves, apart from other rocks, and appear to be ready to make an intimate embrace.

This 11"x15" pastel painting was made by request, but it will be available for trade with a donation to a good non-profit organization of your choice.

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