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Friends –

Some of you might wonder why this painting is called 'Juniper'. While there likely are some juniper trees off in that sea of red sand, they are not shown in this view. But what is true about this scene is that it is one of the best features of a new trail in Sand Flats Recreation Area in Moab. This particular trail is a high point in Sand Flats, and I would suggest that it is higher than the Moab Rim to the west and Arches National Park to the north. You can see both of those famous spots from the top of this trail, now named The Juniper Trail.

My introduction to it was this last fall when some of my hiking buddies in Moab took me there. I am very lucky that way.

This painting will also be joining the other newer ones I have completed at my show in Gallery Moab. The show will be open the entire month of March, with a reception on March 9. All of my earnings from this show will be donated to Utah Dine Bikeyah, Adopt-a-Native-Elder, and SUWA. Others can be chosen if you desire.

Hope to see lots of you there!

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