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Regina Lopez Whiteskunk describes herself as a Student, an Advocate and a Professional – all completely accurate. But I would be remiss in letting it go at that. I had a chance to get to know Regina a bit better and her aura told me that she is so much more.

Yes, Regina has wonderful qualities. She is intelligent, genuine, kind-hearted, funny and unassuming. She has held leadership roles including the only woman (and co-chair) on the Bears Ears Intertribal Coalition and Education Director for the Ute Indian Museum in Montrose. But if you can glean beyond labels and appearances, her impact is of one who carries the knowledge and power inherited from hundreds of years of experiences. She lives with courage and dares to act when others back away. In this sense, she walks the same path as her ancestors going back a couple of centuries or more – as she says, "It is written on the land."

When injustices are dealt to her clan, her tribe and other native peoples that must be addressed, Regina Lopez Whiteskunk does it head on. Educating, protesting and taking the message to the top, including the long road to Washington DC is something she has done several times, as has her father and ancestors before her.

Regina Lopez Whiteskunk is not afraid to take these journeys if that is what is needed to make the world better.

One way to learn more about Regina is to start with this link: The original of this painting will be residing on the Ute Mountain Ute Reservation in Colorado, but we can talk about reproductions for a worthwhile donation to a relevant good cause.

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