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January - New Beginning

Dancing Oak       Los Altos Morning       Port Oxford Rock
      Remembering Saratoga       Snowy Day at Tugman
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I'm not sure what I was thinking when I left my oils behind in late November. Good Grief!! Actually, I think it was a self-enforced method to make me practice with my water color paints, which is one of my aspirations. But it has been painful – akin to forcing yourself to walk more by blowing up the car. At times I have gotten close to despair when I remember that the media with which I am most comfortable is some 780 miles away.

So, I've done some sketching, some pen and ink, and yes, I've done some water color. All is not lost. Yet, I still look forward to the upcoming reunion with my oils, as well as my pastels, and hope that I can make up for lost time in that regard. Wait and see.

Regardless, I suppose I had better share the recent water color paintings with you now so that you will see that I'm trying.

All five of these are 9x12" on Arches cold press water color paper. They are entitled, "Dancing Oak", "Los Altos Morning", "Port Orford Rock", "Remembering Saratoga", and "Snow Day at Tugman". They represent the range of places I have visited the last month, and I am blessed to have been at each one.

I have no right to complain.

May your 2017 be filled with Hope and the Energy of a Powerful New Beginning.

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