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Friends -

This particular painting is named 'Invitation' for several reasons.

First of all, a choice to use this photograph that I took was my invitation to myself to use pastels again. It had been months since I opened those boxes, and I missed them. So much time has passed since I created pastel dust that I fear I had forgotten how to use them.

Secondly, the photograph was taken at the road to Warner Lake leads which leads to one of the more spectacular, accessible places in the La Sal Mountains. At 9,000' feet elevation, it is particularly jaw-dropping in the autumn. Last week the aspen were turning bright gold with some touches of orange and red. The sky was deep cobalt blue which, when viewed through the colors of the trees, only made the warm colors vibrate wildly. I invite you to use your own palette to put those colors together and see for yourself if they don't shimmer with intensity.

Finally, whether you believe in God or not, the hike I took up this road absolutely felt as though I was on the path to heaven - in spite of all my sins! It looked like it. It smelled like it. It felt like it. My visit had to be the result of a heavenly invitation and I invite you to go as well. Come visit and I will take you.

'Invitation' is a 9"x12" soft pastel on sanded board and I will trade it framed, for your donation to Doctor's Without Borders, LCC Scholarship Foundation, or a worthwhile organization of your choice.


I invite you to be well.

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