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Inside Lovely

Inside Lovely

Friends –

Perhaps this painting is a regression in that it is similar to the way I drew and painted so profusely during the 70's. Those were days of dissent, youthful demonstrations, picket lines and just causes championed so valiantly. It seems we are here again.

In my last email I had sent you a 'finished' version of this painting, which was then entitled "Too Lovely". But for me, it lacked something. And I think it was the fact that the simple sharing of my daughter's smiling image at one of her favorite hiking locations was nice, but did not show enough about who she is. So, when I got back from Oregon I changed her.

Now entitled "Inside Lovely", and I am challenging you to find the various symbols and images woven into the painting that tell you something about what is inside my brain when I think of Xochitl.

Be brave.

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