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Husky Anticipation

Husky Anticipation

Friends -
It may be due to the off and on snow that we have had here, and also the fact that the 1,000+ mile Iditarod is taking place these days that I have Husky's, snow and sledding on my mind. Or it could be that U-Tube video clip that I recently watched, which someone posted after riding his dog sled team to work (fun!). Or it could be that I also recently re-connected with a former Placervillian -- Jeanne Ashcraft -- who I met when I wrote a feature news story the year she first attempted the Iditarod (and finished!) - some 10-15 years ago. She had relocated to Alaska, and just maybe I can go there so she will take me show me what sledding is all about!!!

I know a little bit about sledding, but not much, because my former college roommate raised Huskies in Flagstaff. One year she invited us once to a sled pulling competition in Williams, Arizona. It was amazing to watch the dogs and see how the mere sight of the harness excited them, and they could not wait to get going. Her 'pup' did quite well, even though it was his first competition, and it was sweet to see his joy at her praise.

Whatever it was that made this gourd come about, it is an honor to these wonderful dogs that LIVE to RUN and are so beautiful in their enjoyment of it all.

This gourd is available for a donation to a worthwhile organization of your choice.

Keep warm.

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