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Human Tamal

Human Tamal

It is ironic that I finish this gourd today, because it is SOOOOO warm up in Lopez Island studio. The sun is bright and it radiates in my studioi -- it is at 85 degrees now. But when I started this gourd, we had sub-30 degree weather every morning. Beautiful days, but we do need some water. Human tamal is a simple gourd, a person bundled up for the cold - all wrapped up like a tamale to try to keep his ears from freezing. It is nothing dramatic, but I thought I ought to email it out because it has been so long since I have sent you all anything at all. The holidays simply kept us very, very busy from Thanksgiving until now. I expect to be more productive from here on in. Besides, thanks to our State legislature and our Governor, I now have two extra days per month that I won't be working and can dedicate to making nice things to share with you! (Is this good?)

I hope you all are well and healthy. I am confident that things will turn around and we will make it through.

Margie Lopez Read