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Howling at the Moon

Howling at the Moon

Friends -

This is the time of year that I go for runs in the early morning darkness and the full moon brings me expectations of dogs howling at the moon. Or maybe they are werewolves...? Either way, my husband claims I am part labrador, so perhaps that is why I thought of this particular theme.

This piece is the first product of a casual partnership which I have embarked upon with a co-worker. Dr. Jay Shreider is one of those very smart people that work in the Medical Toxicity Branch of our department. He also has an ironic and funny sense of humor and is a talented sort of guy -- He makes creations from wood, granite, and other materials that I have yet to learn about. It seems that we are embarking upon some joint projects with the mutual goal of selling the work product for a worthwhile non-profit organization. It could be fun. And perhaps, funny!

Jay gave me this smoothly finished plaque of oak (or some other dense wood) and I kept it around for a few weeks before this week's full moon gave me some inspiration. Other than Jay's nicely finished piece of wood, there is not much material used to create this representation of a dog howling at the moon. A little bit of pyrography, leather dye, matt polymer medium, and some iridescent embossing powder on the moon. The moon is actually a pebble from the American River - slightly inlaid into the wood. I will be taking it back to Jay so that he can put a groove in the back so that it can be hung on the wall of a fellow runner, labrador, werewolf, or somebody else that simply wants to make a donation to a worthy cause. Maybe that will be you?

Enjoy Halloween..

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