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Honest Sacrament

Honest Sacrament

Friends -
As most of you already know, I have a new grandson named Benjamin Roberto, born last July. We are all very happy about him and their parents are planning to have his formal baptism ceremony perhaps next year in Guanajuato, Mexico. It will be great, but the length of time between birth and potential baptism posed a problem that my Mom (being the good Catholic that she is) was determined to remedy. So last August, when he was not quite two months old, my Mom and some of the rest of us made the trek to Oregon, where my daughter Rosa, Gonzalo and Benjamin live. Of course, Mom brought some holy water and her knowledge of appropriate baptismal prayers as well.

So, one hot day in August, we had a post-birth baby shower, a piñata, some games, and a BBQ feast. At the end of the day, we all crowded into a small room, sitting on counters and standing on the commode, while my Mom performed the Sacrament of Baptism on Benjamin over the bathroom sink. Now, my Mom can relax, and Rosa and Gonzalo can take their time to have the larger-scale celebration in Guanajuato.

From my perspective, this was the finest baptism I have ever attended, if nothing else because of the honesty of the intent. I have been to huge baptisms that are beautiful. Everyone wears their finest clothing and there is much pomp and circumstance. The baby (and the whole family) suffers through uncomfortable formality of while silk and ruffles, sermons and incense, before the action is completed. It can seem that the emphasis is on the fancy clothes, food and flair, and the purpose of the event is secondary. Often, few people show up at the Church, while everybody shows up at the party.

In this one that we had for Benjamin there was none of that fluff. It was happy, casual, warm and honest. He was able to be blessed in the comfort of his pajamas in a ceremony that was pure in intent. Thanks to my Mom for making this happen.

The Honest Sacrament is a nice gourd about 12 inches tall, which I will sell for a donation to UNICEF, MORE, or a nonprofit organization of your choice (as long as it serves human rights, human health, or the protection of the environment).

Margie Lopez Read