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Heaven's Backbone

Heaven's Backbone

Friends –

There was much hesitation to send out this painting with its description. I almost did not do it for several reasons. For one, it was a painful one to do and took several days with a couple of wipe-outs. Secondly, it did not come with the flow of emotion that I generally feel when painting something that is important to me. And, finally, I am not sure that the image I was seeking fully came forth.

But the painting (along with its name) does tell you some things about this wonderful spot on Hell's Backbone Road. For example, while the rock colors in Moab, Bryce and other SE Utah places are red, the rocks in and around Grand Stair Case National Monument are peaches and cream… with some butter. Also, when you get to the top, a look to the distance will verify that there are so many other delicious, rocky beauties are out there. And while it does take a hellish long time to get there, you will really feel as though you are in heaven when you do.

So, in the name of generating funding for another good non-profit, I am sending out 'Heaven's Backbone' for your consideration. I hope you like it.

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