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Where Hearts Heal

Where Hearts Heal

Where Hearts Heal - Left

Where Hearts Heal - Right

Friends -
It is unusual for me to finish a painting in less than 4 or 5 months, but I made an exception for this request from someone for whom I am very fond. So this time I did it in one month! But let me say that it was well deserved. Where Hearts Heal is the result of a request from Melissa without conditions, paid for in advance with a generous donation to Doctor's Without Borders. So who can argue with that?

Because Melissa, Mike and their LLC, work to develop programs that help protect water quality in California, I felt that soothing river waters was an appropriate theme. In this case, I had taken some snapshots from footpaths behind the hospital where my grandson stayed last October. In spite of the misting rain, I walked those paths quite a bit and imagined that many people do. It is a very soothing place for family members of patients to reflect, meditate and pray for the health of their loved ones -- some that will recover, others will not. I was grateful that the hospital builders had the grace to create such beautiful grounds and I am sure it helps many.

May you all stay healthy and have peace.

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