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Friends -

This painting is the third one that I have made with the help of the photography of Terri Crisp. She has traveled to the area of Northern Iraq, in part to bring art materials to the children in the refugee camps. Art has many, many benefits, not the last of which is helping children come to terms with some of the horrors that they may be experiencing due to warfare, abuse and other traumas.

Out of the three that I have painted, this young boy's face shows the most trauma and grief. One can only guess what memories may be plaguing him, due to the need to flee to Ankawa Mall Refugee Camp, leaving his home near Mosul behind, because of pending terrorist activities from ISIS. The hope is that he is able to find himself in a safer place with time and be given the assistance he will need to manage his grief.

All of my paintings of these children will be on display during the month of May at the Moab Arts and Recreation building, and the sale of them will go to Doctor's Without Borders.

Be well,