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Green Turtle

Green Turtle

This is just a close up of a gourd I just finished - mainly because the photo that I took from farther back had too much glare. (I do need to work on my photo skills). The actual size of this gourd is about 10 inches tall, 12 inches in diameter - sturdy and stable.

Green Turtle was inspired by photos from my niece (and goddaughter) who is in Australia right now. Soon she will be returning from this very special class that she has had the grand opportunity to take -- courtesy of Stanford University (and her Dad, too, of course). I don't know what Holly is heading for, but I have no doubt that it is something good for the world. She has been snorkeling at the Great Barrier Reef near a place called Heron Island and had the opportunity to travel along with at least one green turtle. I suspect that the turtle harbored no affection for Holly, although maybe some mild interest. Green Turtle mom's lay their eggs on the beach and never stick around to get to know their children. So, like a typical reptiles, they probably do not have the gift of compassion. But if they could only know Holly, they would love her!!!

Whether they have compassion or intelligence or not, they sure have some top notch navigational skills. They spend a lot of time traveling great distances across the ocean until it is time to lay eggs. Then the Moms go back to their exact place of birth, bury their eggs in the sand, and leave them to fend for themselves. It was ironic that I turned on the TV last night and caught a quick glimpse of a National Geographic special (by chance) showing baby Green Turtles making a made dash for the ocean right after hatching. They seemed extremely vulnerable, but many made it!

You might wonder why they are called Green Turtles, because the gourd shows this guy as orangish and brown, mostly. In fact, there is nothing about the outside of them that is anything close to green. It turns out that people who eat these turtles learned that the color of their fat is, in fact, green. I prefer not to think about that too much.

The money for this gourd will go to UNICEF, or M.O.R.E. I am also open to having to a different non-profit that you desire, as long as it is for a good cause such as human rights, environmental protection, or public health.

Margie Lopez Read