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Golden Poppy

Golden Poppy

Friends -

Are you hot enough yet? I don't know about where you are, but it was easily 100 degrees up in Lopez Island (my art studio) today. Still, it was my one free afternoon this week to be able to do what makes me feel the best. So, I worked up a little canteen style gourd with colors and shapes that may work for the next show at The Art Space (El Dorado Arts Council) on Main Street, California. They just finished up the 'Full Glass' show, and the next is about the medium and color of gold. I think that is an appropriate theme for an organization that has 'Gold' in their name. Anyway, Golden Poppy will be one of three that I will bring to them (or actually Bob will bring them) to see if they are acceptable.

The El Dorado Arts Council (translated: The Golden Arts Council) web site is here: HTTP://ELDORADOARTS.COM

Stay Cool.

Jingga (the gourd, that is) is about 10 inches tall, and is decorated with pyrography, leather dye, acrylic paint, embossing powder -- and finally a bit of gold leaf paint, which she well-deserves.

Summer is finally here, so go have fun.

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