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from one grandma to another

From One Grandma To Another

Friends –

The name of this painting alone should give you a clue about the subject matter. What do you say? "Grandkids"! Yes indeed.

To be clear, this beautiful child and her new baby sibling are not mine -- although it takes a doting grandma to know one. They are the grandchildren of a dear friend of mine who mentions them every time I see her…and that is several times a week. This happens no matter where we meet -- the pool, the grocery store or at a public meeting.

My friend is an amazing person of strength and conviction - a blessing to this local community in SE Utah. She maintains an unwavering path for the common good as a county council member – often taking the heat from others inclined to misogyny. And She Persists.

It is possible that these beautiful grandchildren are the source of her strength and for that, I am grateful. This painting is for Mary.

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