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Fox-Bunny Bench

Fox-Bunny Bench 

Friends -
Sometimes I do paint things other than canvas or paper, especially when special little kids are involved. In this case, I have two grand-nieces ages 1.5 years and 1.5 months, who are in need of a bathroom stepping stool. Well, it will be a while before the youngest uses this, but eventually she will!

I was informed by her Mom that the oldest has been delighted about foxes since she saw some music video 'What Did The Fox Say' (or something like that). So, I made this bench with that in mind. I think little Abby will like the bunny just as much.

I have to that I think I may end up doing more kids things like this in the near future. Not only did I enjoy the production, but it seems other people did as well. I was painting in the window of our Moab Gallery, as we local artists do when we are working the shop. This time, however, I was painting this Fox-Bunny Bench. It really caught the eye of passers-by and brought more smiles and delight to people that entered the shop than any of my 'serious' paintings ever did. illustrated children's book has been crossing my mind lately...

Stay tuned.

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