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For Overlook

For Overlook Crossing the American Chase Over New Bridge
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Friends –

These are two little paintings (8”x10”) that I completed at the request of a friend of mine.  Ann is the director of a wonderful 50K that takes place on part of the Western States course in the month of October.  Months ago, she requested these two paintings to give to winners of the 50K.  Sadly, it was a busier than normal summer for me, so these awards will be presented after-the-win. 

 One of these is “Crossing the American”, and it is probably obvious which of the two fits that name.  The river crossing for Overlook Endurance Run is typically where the Tevis Cup crosses the river, as opposed to where the Western States runners cross.  And unfortunately, this year there was no river crossing at all – due to severe rain storm on race day.  But the river crossing will happen again, so the painting remains as is.

 The other “Chase Over New Bridge” is possibly obvious as well.  For my ultrarunning friends who, like me, have not run the lower part of the Western States Trail recently, there is a new bridge on the course.  This one is between ‘No Hands’ bridge and Robie Point.  You may recall a small, urban runoff creek along the way that was often a slippery rock hop?  Well, rock hop no more!  This gorgeous bridge is there for your ultrarunning convenience.

 So, I hope that Ann likes this work, and I hope that the winners do as well.  It is always fun to combine two parts of my world – both of which have been abundantly important to me.  And, I have to add that wilderness running – or being in the wilderness in general – has always inspired me to art.  Good fit.

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