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For Mom and Dad

For Mom and Dad

Friends –

The last several paintings I've completed recently have been of scenes from the desert. The high desert in Southeast Utah, that is. That was all very fun, and good for my soul. But one day I found myself pretty blue and thinking of my Mom quite a bit.

Mom grew up in the desert, but definitely not the high desert like Moab. Born in Los Angeles, her childhood was spent in Brawley, where her father (my grandfather) had a medical clinic. Brawley is desert, but it is quite low and even sits below sea level. Yet, there are many things that her desert and mine have in common and we would talk about that some times.

In my lonely, missing-Mom mood, I wanted to do something for her and paint a place to which she loved to go. Without any doubt in my mind, that had to be the Pacific Ocean near the Monterey Bay.

I know how much Mom loved the ocean, because I grew up in the Bay Area and Mom and Dad would often take us kids up over Highway 17 to play for a while with some regularity. Sometimes we would even stay there for a few days and really soak in the sights, smells and sounds of this place, savor the walks on sandy beaches and frolic giddily in the frigid waves. The Pacific Ocean!

If you look closely at this painting, you might see Mom and Dad watching the waves and feeling the ocean mists. But feel free to designate those two individuals as anyone you like -- just so that you feel right.

I am taking this 16x20" oil on canvas, "For Mom & Dad", with me to my show in Gallery Moab next month. We shall see if there are other desert people there that appreciate the Pacific Ocean enough to purchase this painting. Beneficiaries of that show will include Utah Dineh Bikeah, Adopt-An-Elder and SUWA. Consideration will be given to other non-profits if you so desire.

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Additional information from purchaser Joan Mclintock Breuch about the painting location:

This is where Ron proposed to me. It is located seven miles south on Hwy. 1 from Rio Road in Carmel is the trailhead to the 5-miles loop Soberanes Trail in Garrapata Regional Park on the east side of Hwy. 1. Then we hiked on the west side of Hwy. 1 with you (margie) where this new trail is. Soberanes Creek comes out right at the cliffs of your painting. The organist at our wedding at the Carmel Mission Basilica was Ed Soberanes. We asked him if he was related in any way to the popular Soberanes Canyon, Creek, trail, etc. and he said , "Yes, my great, great, great, great, great grandfather Soberanes helped Fr. Serra!"

Joan and Ron are receiving this painting for their Donation.