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Folsom Eulogy

Folsom Eulogy

Friends –

I was in California this early spring as wildflower blooms appeared in abundance – seemingly everywhere. People were marveling at how tremendous it was and how surprising given the fact that winter and spring rainfall was so minimal. It was so remarkable that people drove for miles to see some of the poppy and lupin super-bloom displays such as this one on Folsom Lake. My friends who went there and hiked through the tall lupin reported on the dizzying beauty and the sweet bouquet that filled the air.

Although I was only 30 miles away or so, I did not go. You see, this super-bloom was possible only because the water level of Folsom Lake was (and is) dangerously low. Reportedly the lupin enjoys and flourishes in the silt that remains on the lengthy banks of the shrinking lake. Predictably, California is drying up, no matter what part of the state you look at.

With that in mind, I chose to conserve and enjoy the blossoms via photographs taken by my friends. It seemed the best way to honor the floral Eulogy that nature is offering in what feels to me to be one of the few good-weather years that remain to us.

This 9x12 soft pastel is available in exchange for a donation to an appropriate land-conservation organization that helps combat climate change.

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