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Flutes for Peace

Flutes for Peace

Friends –

I just finished "Flutes for Peace", which is painted with some color intensity. I realized that this last month I have completed about 3 paintings this way. All three are flagrantly loaded with bright and strong color of the type that my previous art instructors have warned against. Could it be that that this rebellion and breaking the rules on use of color is a reflection of the intensity of my state of mind?

Perhaps this happens because I am still mourning the losses these past months. Respect for nature, value of truth and wisdom, kindness toward all humans is something that has existed in this country all my life, but now it seems to be waning. Those good qualities of human kind have never been 100%, nor were they ever easy to achieve. But now they all seem to be in serious jeopardy of disappearing altogether.

So, my emotions run strong and everything in me wants to hold on to the memories of what was. This includes memories of people that I have loved and lost as well as the loss of integrity, honor and compassion that used to have a stronghold among those that govern.

Yet, we still have sanctuaries to go to and feel hope. With "Flutes for Peace" I am sharing one of my sanctuaries with you. The New Year's Day Peace Hike in Yachats, Oregon, is one of those, and after each walk through the town and trails, there is a vigil with various forms of sharing (including the native flutes) in the Town Commons building. I will be there again January 2018, and will offer this painting to help fund future events.

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