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My Fishing Trip

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My Fishing Trip


Friends -
Bob and I went to Baja California Sur not too long ago and stayed in La Ventana - a small, serene, fishing village near La Paz and at the Sea of Cortez. After doing about as much as we could do on land, we decided to rent a boat (along with the guide) to take us out on a fishing trip. Mind you, I have never been fishing in my life, so this was pretty different for me. Bob fished a lot - especially as a kid growing up in Key West. But for me, this was new and I was not sure how I would feel about it, really.

But I can tell you that I enjoyed it thoroughly. The guide (Nono) took us first to do what they call 'chumming' and that was a treat! There was something almost biblical about watching this man - all dressed in loose white garb -- throwing his net out into the waters to get the chum (sardines) which we would later use as bait for the yellow-fin tuna or mahi-mahi (aka dolphin or dorado). Then he took us out to deeper waters, and Nono hooked the sardines on my line for me. They serve as bait only as long as they are alive. Although it may be cruel, I think that I would be ok with hooking those little guys myself next time.

Over all, I really enjoyed being out on the water and we even did some snorkeling out near Cerralvo Island, watched sea lions and did a little hiking on that Island which is inhabited only by goats. But as far as fishing goes, only Bob caught a dorado - which we later had for dinner. We never saw any yellow-fin. And the one type of fish I did manage to catch were several garfish, which Nono kept throwing back out. He seemed to think that they are not good eating, but I later learned that they are quite nutritious. It would have been rewarding to feast upon my own catch, however inferior it might have been!

Those mahi-mahi, though, are beautiful and amazing! They flash yellows, blues and greens, silver, while they are alive - as colorful as a kaleidoscope! It seems they are talking with their colors, and perhaps in truth, they are. But they turn to dull silver when they die.

This sturdy little gourd is about that. It has one dorado on it, in full living color.It also has several garfish competing for the lone sardine, which is at the end of my fish line. Everything below the surface of the water is full of color, and everything above (like me) is quite plain and simple in comparison.

'My Fishing Trip' will be up for sale at the El Dorado County Artists Studio Tour, September 18-20, and the sale amount will go to help fund M.O.R.E. this time.

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