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Finding Faces

Finding Faces

Friends -
I have been away from my Lopez Island Art studio for about 5 weeks, but rest assured -- it has been for very good causes! One of those causes was to go to our place in Moab and begin the furnishing of my art studio there. (What should I name it???)

Although the studio is only scantily supplied with some basic materials, I did manage to rough out a representation of another activity that I was engaged in during those weeks -- long hikes in red rock canyons, often in search of petroglyphs. It is an addicting activity. You can search for hours through canyons and crevices and alcoves and come up empty. All the rocks and crevices start to look alike. And then all of a sudden you look up and there it is!!! Big as life, sometimes colored, sometimes faded, but always, always thrilling and magical. I can't wait to go back!

This gourd -- Finding Faces -- is necessarily very rough because I had no dyes, paints or polymer finishes. I was going to bring it back with me to finish it off, but decided against it. In a way the roughness is very fitting for the subject matter, I think. So I left it that way and it is waiting for me when I return with more supplies for my little place in heaven.

I would sell it if someone wants to make a donation to Doctors Without Borders, but you may have to wait for a while to get it, given that it still resides in Moab.

Either way -- I hope you all have been well

Margie Lopez Read