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Festival Glow

Festival Glow

Friends –

I almost did not share this painting which turned out to have such a folksy style that I am not sure it represents what I can do. This folk-art stuff pops out of me once in a while, and I am not sure what turns it on. But at the very least, it does come out when I go to the Moab Folk Festival to paint. Perhaps folksy paintings belong with folk music, so I decided to let you all have a peek.

Although "Festival Glow" was painted in the park where the festival was taking place, the image's light was later altered significantly in my studio. You see, Bob and I routinely enjoy our evenings looking out our window at those same rocks. We almost always see a brilliant glow, admire the radiance and watch it change with the moving sun and clouds. The constantly changing shadow and light is truly one of our daily pleasures.

BUT, the particular festival day it was cloudy, cold and gloomy. There was no light magic going on at all. Still, thanks to the enchantment of the music, and conversations with happy festival goers, I had a super-fun day.

When it was all over, I packed up my supplies and started rolling out to go back home. And that is when it happened. The sky to the west had a break in the clouds and our magic rocks lit up once again!! Further, the sky to the southeast (behind those rocks) remained heavy with clouds and was dark. Aargh!! That is what I had been wanting the whole day!!!

So, I came back to the studio and when time allowed I refurbished the lighting as I remembered it at the end. I hope you like it.

This one will be given to whoever wishes to make a donation to the Moab Folk Festival, a very worthwhile non-profit.

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