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Father and Son

Father and Son

OK, not a gourd, but an oil painting.
This last summer we visited my son-in-law's family in San Felipe, Guanajuato, Mexico. One day Gonzalo's father took us for a hike up a hill near their rancho. It is the wet season in July in Guanajuato, and if it were not for the farming, it would be pretty darn close to rainforest. We hiked through areas where jicama was growing wild, and we admired flowers and munched on cactus fruit on the way up the hill. Canyon wrens and other songbirds kept us company along wither the gradually fading music of the fruit vendor, as he played it while making the rounds through the village. The view at the top of their village and the hilly green areas surrounding it was wonderful. We spent a lot of time up there soaking up the son, fascinated by the bizarre shapes of the strangler figs. Gonzalo said that he has dreams about flying from the top of this very hill over the town below. You could see that both he and his Dad were very proud of it all, as they very well should be.

I hope you like this painting, as it brings back wonderful memories for me.

Margie Lopez Read