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Faster Than Flames

Faster Than Flames

Friends –
I am sharing this recent painting, 'Faster than Flames' with you even though it is not available. It was a particularly difficult one for me for a few reasons. One of those being that it was requested by someone who lives afar and given that, it is hard to sync my brush-flowing instincts with other's expectations. I'm not good at that and caused me to think more than this brain is capable of. In the end I think it is OK.

But probably the biggest difficulty with this one was in trying to paint one of the most beautiful places in the world (Tahoe Rim Trail) during one of the most wonderful events I know of (TRT Ultra) and reconcile those with a tragedy that is taking place in present time in the same area (Caldor wildfire).

So, all concepts are there. I just could not help it. 'Faster than Flames', 16x20" oil on hardbord.

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