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Farmer's Market

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Farmers Market

Friends -

This nice, bright gourd has taken me three weeks - mostly because I have been running around a lot, with too little time in Lopez Island! But here it is!

This one came about one morning when I was walking to work through Cesar Chavez Park while they were setting up for the farmer's market. On that day, one Asian family who is there often elected to bring their children. Three of them. The oldest was all of 10 years old and quite officious, explaining in her own language to her little brother how to manage the sale of fruit. The littlest was oblivious to the business end of the deal and simply wanted something to eat. I took the liberty of putting these three on this gourd and adding a bit of money in the smallest one's hands, so that she can have some hope of getting good fruit.

I love Farmer's Markets for the good vegetables and fruit, and for the good moods, and happy commerce that they generate. They also are a good tool against global warming, so that you don't need to buy good fruit at the grocery store that has been shipped her by jet from far away lands. Enjoy these markets whenever you can.

Happy summer.

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