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Friends -

This time I am sharing a little water color that I finished yesterday.  I feel compelled to start off by saying that I am a little disappointed in that I could not quite achieve the expression that I wanted to show in Benjamin's (the bigger brother) face.  Water colors are unforgiving in that sense.  You get it right the first time, or simply start over.

The thing is, Benjamin had hiked the trail up the three highest ridge tops near Eugene before he was 4 years old - Mt. Baldi, Skinner Butte, Mt. Pisgah and Spencer Butte.  So, the expression on his face when he showed his little brother (Leonardo) the Skinner Butte Summit was one of introspective pride and loving mentorship.  An explorer showing big, new territory to another. Really cute. 

Ah well.  I did not get that expression right and I may try again some day. But for now I am moving on to pastels..  It has been a long time. Regardless, I offer this painting up for anyone that might want to make a donation to a good organization and receive this as a thank you.

Be well.

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