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Elephants and Spiders

Elephants and Spiders

I have been away for a while, but you have to know it has been a very good reason!  I now have a wonderful new grandson named Benjamin.  His mom (daughter Rosa) asked me to paint a mural for his bedroom - which we elected to do on a canvas instead of on the wall -- so that it can be removed when he grows and wants 'bigger' things.  So, although I have been away in Oregon with Benjamin, I have been working on this mural as well.   

The theme was to be that of the Mexican nursery rhyme counting song about elephants walking on spider webs. It is kind of cute, as one elephant right after the other goes up on a spider web. As they see that it holds up, they call in another elephant. So here is the finished product - painted on canvas -- soon we will get it hung up on the wall.

If you want to know one verse of the song it is:

Un elefante, se balanceaba

Sobre la tela de una arrana

Quando veia que resistia

Fueron a llamarle a otro elefante

(then it goes on to Two elephants...)

I have had so many positive responses about the mural I painted for my grandson, I thought I ought to mention that I can have prints made for most any size fairly inexpensively. You may EMAIL ME if you are interested.

Margie Lopez Read