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Dusk In Red

Dusk In Red

Friends -

Yesterday I completed this pastel from a snapshot I took earlier in the month. Bob and I had been hiking in a wonderful area along the Colorado River known as Fisher Towers. We basked in the sun, clambered rocks, and watched with our mouths open as climbers scaled one of the towers. Tired and dusty on the way home, we drove past this spot quite close to the Fisher Towers turnoff. The gold and orange colors and the massive majesty of the rocks took our breath away.

I had to paint it, and here in Moab, pastels seems to be my choice. While I can see from this project things that I can do to make the next one better, I am not unhappy with my Dusk in Red. Any honest critiques, however, will be valued.

This painting is already sold, with a request for the donation amount to go to a non-profit known as the City of Angels Ballet. Check out their The City of Angels Ballet WEBSITE . It seems they do really good things with kids that need a lot of support.

Enjoy this month. Halloween (my second favorite celebration day) is just around the corner.

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