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Doodle: Cat Tails and Grapes

Doodle: Cat Tails and Grapes

This gourd truly is a doodle - very much like what I used to do with graphite in the 60's and 70's. I was sitting in the back yard in Eugene, Oregon waiting for my grandson to wake up. Maybe it is having a little baby around that throws me back to old habits. Or maybe it was just simple free-mind-relaxation at work. The gourd means nothing, but it is kind of nice -- sturdy and attractive.

I will have this gourd for sale at my own studio during the Placerville Arts Association Home Studio Tour, the weekend of September 20 (which is my sister's birthday). Stay tuned for more information about that. The proceeds from my sales will go to Mother Lode Rehabilitation Enterprises, here in El Dorado County.

Margie Lopez Read