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Dineh Medicine


Dineh Medicine

Friends –

Several weeks ago I completed a portrait and also wrote a bit about the extraordinary challenges that the Original People face here in SE Utah because of racism. I have to believe that Jim Crow attitude is more extensive and amplified with the actions of the current White House Administration. When the president says that people who threaten with swastikas and assault weapons are 'good people' that can only encourage hatred and make things worse.

Probably the establishments of Utah Dineh Bikeah (UDB) and Bear Ears National Monument have been focal points for this 'white vengeance', because these advancements signify that tribes can participate in control of ancestral lands that are sacred to them. The legislative attacks on their efforts from the White House down are enormous.

For some time now I had become peripherally involved in volunteer actions to help protect Bears Ears from greed and hostility of these 'immigrant' white men. More recently Bob and I both have been assisting with supplies of food and other necessities getting to those on the reservation that are in quarantine. In doing so, we have made new friends.

This particular painting is of two of them; Cheryl and Kenneth Maryboy. Kenneth is a tribal leader, one of the two Navajo that serve on the County Commission, and also a Dineh Medicine Man – possibly the last. Cheryl is her husband's main support. She plans and arranges and protects and makes sure that what needs to be done can be done. At the end of our last visit, we received a special blessing from Kenneth and the feeling of warm protection still remains.

We feel very grateful for this friendship -- which we believe will grow -- and we hope to somehow help reverse the difficulties that they are faced with daily.

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