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More Delicate

More Delicate

Friends -

This 18x36 oil painting may look familiar. If it does, it is because you actually do open my emails and will recall that I finished one almost exactly the same in January 2013. It is important to acknowledge that the first (and second) 'Delicate' was painted using a photograph taken by Rick Schafer who did the hard work of standing in the freezing snow as the sun went down in Arches National Park. I painted that first one for Bob.

Normally, I do not enjoy creating the same scene more than once. There is a special exploration and discover that goes along with a new painting that does not repeat itself the second time around. So, preferentially, I will move on to new challenges. But I have made exceptions. 'More Delicate' is one for which I had to do some mental house-cleaning, clear my mind and calm my soul. I am happy about remembering how to do that.

Here is why painting 'More Delicate' was important: To begin with, it was made because of a special request from visitors completing a long-awaited honeymoon. I had the original in the Gallery Moab window as an attention-getter, not as an item to sell. But this delightful couple wanted that particular scene, and none other. We invited them to our Moab home, with the thought that perhaps I could interest them in other paintings. But the scene of Delicate Arch is special, thus we all decided to embark on this commissioned venture. I have to say that through our various conversations - in person, email and phone - it became clear that these two are special for their joy with each other, with the world, and for their kind-hearted intelligence.

It makes me feel very good to make something for these two that will reside in their San Diego home as a special vacation memento. In exchange for this two-dimensional memory, they have offered a generous donation to BEACON after school mentoring program. Who could ask for more than that??

And remember what a friend told me: 'Anything worth doing is worth doing with a clear mind and calm thoughts.'

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