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Deck On Fire

Deck On Fire

Friends -

Our front door in Placerville is on the second level which opens to a narrow deck and stairs that drop down to the ground level. When you walk out the front door, you are immediately as high up as the branches of our trees. We have some wonderful redbud and Japanese maples that have grown in such a way that the branches reach away from the house and toward the light. This growth pattern creates a canopy effect that is at once comforting, protective, and certainly cooling in the heat of summer.

It is always pleasant to walk outside and into the branches of trees. But it is during autumn afternoons when magic happens.

This last October, I notice it first inside my house. Everything inside was glowing a glorious rose color. I opened the front door and everything was lit up with the flames of a lowering sun 'igniting' the leaves with red, orange and yellow. Deck on fire.

How nice to be in a place where you do not need to go far to see beauty.

Once it is dry, this 14x18" oil is available for your donation to a worthwhile non-profit organization, although I do have some favorites if you are uncertain.

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