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David’s Cape

David's Cape

Friends –

This painting of one of the many jaw-dropping views at Cape Perpetua, Oregon was a long time coming. I seem to have neglected someone who was most instrumental in giving me an opportunity that has led me to so much joy.

It was back in 2013 that David Lee Thompson of the USDA Forest Service contacted me about doing an artist residency at Cape Perpetua National Scenic Area. It was the first time that such a thing was done with the forest service. It required the vision of his management, innovative use of resources and persistence in the mission of bringing the experience of art to visitors at the Cape. So, in 2014 it happened, and I was lucky to be the first.

That life-enriching experience brought me a world of new opportunities, many more dear friends, and a sense of hope that good will happen if we all work together and persist.

This painting, "David's Cape" is my thank you to a most wonderful, visionary man.

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