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Dance Cards

Dance Cards

Friends –

In my last Donation Art email, I wrote about the joy of painting in wilderness solitude. Ironic that that very same day I go paint somewhere surrounded by people and noise. Not very consistent, am I?

But let me first tell you why this could happen. It truly is a wonderful experience to paint at the ball park during Moab Folk Festival. For one, it is very convenient – right across the street from my house. There is music, food, lovely arts and crafts for sale. Also, although I was surrounded by people and many are from other states and countries, so many more are friends that I now know and love. Those that I do not know are nonetheless happy, smiling people that perhaps I would like to know.

All of them are enjoying the warm sun and the fantastic music that Melissa Schmaedick always seems to pull in for our annual Folk Festival. It raises spirits, makes us feel empowered and – for at least one weekend – the world seems right again.

This is the fourth year that I set up my easel at the Festival. It is quite challenging to paint a scene like this, but I always enjoy my time doing so. This one began during the time slot for Laura Cortese and the Dance Cards, so I named this "Dance Cards". It is 11x14" oil on linen and it will be framed soon and hung in Gallery Moab. Its purchase will be a direct benefit to BEACON After School Program.

It is Election Day. Go do the right thing.

Margie Lopez Read