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Friends –

I'm getting ready to leave the desert for a while and head north for necessary reasons. But I felt I could not go without adding a painting that is companion in concept to the recent one I completed of burros on the Rez ("Trust"). You see, these wonderful ponies share the pasture with the same burros that live(d) near the San Juan River in Tselakai Dezza, Utah.

When I would drive by, it really was these lovely tribal ponies that caught my eye before the unassuming burros. The paints are so bright and sassy; they really seem to be in charge. These two, in particular, always seem to be together and perhaps they are siblings. But one thing is certain. They have seen things happen out there, probably including the murder of the little trusting burros. If only they could talk. But they remain silent, keeping the truth between themselves. Confidantes.

"Confidantes" is a framed soft pastel and is available for a negotiable donation to a good cause.

Be safe and kind to others.