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Coming Home

Coming Home

This is a painting that portrays two fishing boats coming home at the end of the day in the Florida Keys after a long days work. I got inspired to do this because we are hoping to be in Key West again in June for Bob's high school reunion (don't ask which one). I am looking forward to going again with Bob, as it has been several years. Key West is particularly unique for many reasons ranging from it's history during the Civil War (only Yankee outpost in the South), Hemmingway, the Naval base, and mostly -- the oddball characters that this small 10 sq. mile island has produced. They have written books about them.

One of my favorite things to do there is to find a place to sit (Like at Louie's Backyard) at sunset and watch the fishing boats return. You can't grow up in the Keys, as did Bob, and not have fishing in your blood. Sunsets there are always beautiful, but best when there are clouds in the sky. I have to say, that it all is quite romantic - and where we became engaged.

I will be able to sell prints of Coming Home, for donations to UNICEF. OR, I am also open to having to a different non-profit that you desire, as long as it is for a good cause such as human rights, environmental protection, or public health.

Best to You -
Margie Lopez Read