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'Rubber Ducky Rock'
mile 138

Rubber Ducky Rock

Friends –

As the days went by on our trip downriver through the Grand Canyon, it seemed that every single day was more and more fantastical. Day 5 (and also Cinco de Mayo) was just another example of that.

We went through a tricky rapid with a large boulder in the middle where the more dangerous passage actually looked the best. Luckily our guides knew what they were doing and we took the safe, yet scary, route.

We also passed by a large open beach where 4 or 5 male Bighorn sheep were lazing in the shade of a large tamarisk. The raft got quite close to them, but it did not seem to alarm them. They simply looked at us and we simply looked back.

One of our stops was at a splendid waterfall, which I believe is called Stone Creek Falls. We pulled over and some chose to jump in the fresh pool that was right there for the dunking. And, as we approached our campsite, Doris Camp mile 138, our river guide pointed out the rocks at the top of the ridge which she said looked like a chicken leading a train. Because he did not hear her tell us this, the other river guide came out a bit later and pointed out the canyon wren at the top of the rock leading a train. Finally, when we beached next to the other craft, a third river guide pointed out the rock rooster at the top of the ridge leading a train.

I took that rock-naming disparity to mean that there was no official name for the configuration at all. So, I am calling it Rubber Ducky rock. It seemed to fit best of all to me!

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