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Ross Wheeler Camp,
mile 108

Ross Wheeler Camp

Friends –

Ross Wheeler Camp is the lovely location of our fourth night on the river and by this time we were at about mile 108. This camp gave us a room with a view if there ever was one. Even while sitting on the commode, one could gaze out at a colorful dry fall and a large cactus plant (nopal) that was worth painting in itself. Walking around the camp one could even find an abandoned wooden canoe that must have reached its high perch during some high water event.

I should mention here that we picked an ideal time to travel through the Grand Canyon because of plentiful rainfall through the winter – even as recently as the week prior to our trip. There was so much green growth and wildflowers everywhere that does not occur in normal Arizona desert years.

There is no telling how often this growth-of-plenty will be in future years, given the unpredictable nature of climate change. But for now, on this forget-your-troubles-and-cares journey, we artists were more than happy to indulge in the beauty.

'Ross Wheeler Camp' is a 9x12" oil on board and is available for a donation to a good non-profit.

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