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Nevill's Fence

Nevills Fence

Day 3 added 30 miles to our journey through the Grand Canyon and by that time my sense of personal peace was at a level that I had not felt for months, or years. In addition, the photoreceptors in my eyeballs were getting the best endurance workout that they have ever had for as long as I can remember. Of special note during this day were the turquoise waters of the Little Colorado merging with the muddy river we were floating upon, as well as the glittering crystals leeching from the banks of the Sacred Hopi salt mines. Outstanding.

Yet, our campsite just past Nevills Rapid, mile 76.5, was far from boring. There was plenty of room for us all to walk around -- barefoot in the soft, cool sand -- and find something to put onto our canvases. My own choice was neither rock nor river, but rather something of human construct.

Smarter minds than mine surmised that this haphazard barrier was put together to divert drainage (of which there was none at the time) through to a path that would be less damaging to our campsite. It was fabricated with whatever pieces of driftwood or broken trees could be found and arranged in a colorful weave.

It served a double purpose that day, as I also used to hang some of my clothing items that I had recently washed. (This after first recording the fence's beauty on canvas).

'Nevills Fence' is a 9x12" oil on board and is available for a donation to a good non-profit.

More to come,