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Camp Condor

Camp Condor

Dear Friends –

I apologize for being so quiet on my painting reports for a while. It has been a bit busy. But now I am about to make up for it and possibly should apologize again for what is coming to you this week. You see, I signed up with AzRA for a river trip through the Grand Canyon, organized by lead artist Cody DeLong. It was not a workshop. Eleven artists (12 with Cody) were simply engaged in this to celebrate the incredible beauty of the Colorado River and do with it what we love the most – paint.

Our AzRA support crew (Randy, Maxim, Clair and Pam) were much more that river guides. They are now good friends, as are the artists that participated. With some, the bonds grew strong.

So, for the next 6 emails, you will be seeing the paintings I created during this trip. "Camp Condor" is the first, painted on the first evening at our camp on Mile 18. I was suffering from a bad headache due to dehydration, but still loved what I was seeing so much that I completed this. And I was well-cared for as Cody and Clair squared me away over the course of the subsequent 24 hours by monitoring my water and electrolyte intake.

This is named 'Camp Condor' because we had seen condors not only before put-in on Navajo Bridge, but also at this camp site. Two or three of them chose to fly far above our heads on the morning we were preparing to depart from Mile 18, so you might see one of those magnificent giants in the sky on this painting.

A great start to a journey that fundamentally changed me.

This painting, 8x10" oil on board is available for a donation to a worthwhile non-profit. I do have some suggestions if you like.